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Learn About Us
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I’m a small town, country girl influenced by the ’80s. For as long as I can remember I have always drawn. To be certain, small child doodles are just that, they require an explanation of what the squiggly circles with squiggly “legs” are. I can remember clear back to when I was 4 and explaining¬† I had drawn a chicken or a doggie, among others. Horses became what I fixated on and learned to draw first. Somewhere around 9 or 10, I knew the hind legs of the horses I was drawing in crayon, were just not how they should be,(they were backward). My mom was instrumental in opening my world the day she asked if I wanted to know how to draw back legs. I was thrilled when she did and I was able to take what she showed me and run with it.

Fast forward to today and I hold close to a goal of sharing the joy and beauty I find in our world through my artwork. My specialty is equine and farm animal based working with various types of pencil, and colored pencils. Trying new techniques is especially enjoyable and I’m playing with photography using my iPhone to see where that leads as well. Life is precious and I wish to share what I capture through art and photography.

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